Josh Hart

Music Producer

"Josh Hart has an incredible recording studio with a beautiful, comforting vibe. I always feel excited to record with Josh, he has such a fresh outlook on the sessions and has no problems offering advice on the direction the session is going. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t book a session with him!"

Burgundy Morgan, Artist

Recent Work

All work is done by Josh Hart Recordings.




From recording a demo to recording 

 a full album. Capturing the best take!

Crafting every song to its full potential.

Adding the right ingredients!  

Creating the music for your tracks!

Arrangement and sound design. 

Recent Work
Book a session!

(343) 999 5641


Please let me know in as much detail the project you would like to start.

E.g. Single, Ep, Recording and or Mixing, Start date, finish date.

(Please note sessions are usually booked 

7-14 days in advance. )

Currently only taking on mixing and production (Until the COVID 19 clears)

Josh Hart Recordings - Music Producer (343) 999-5641
1570 Liver Pool Crt #1
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